An Open Letter To Moviegoers…

| June 21, 2011

Dear Fellow Moviegoers,

This is the easiest letter I have ever written. Going to the movies is an enjoyable experience. It takes you to places you’ve never been like space or Middle-Earth. They make you cry and laugh. They are also expensive…

So why fellow moviegoer do you insist on talking and texting in the movies? What has happened in the past several years where people think it is an acceptable behavior? It seems that every movie me and the Nerds have attended, somebody either talks or uses their phones during the movie. Why? It is totally unnecessary. You go to movies to escape the daily hassles of life. A cellphone is one of them. PLEASE don’t use your phone during the movie, it doesn’t seem like a big favor.

Also you don’t need to talk either. Or repeat the jokes that were just said. Or yell at the screen, trust me the big boobed woman running from Jason cannot hear you.

In order to stop this the Nerds and I will start posting your mug that we take at the movie and post it on this blog called “A**hole at the Movie” so please don’t talk or use your phone at the next movie we attend or you will be forever black marked on our site.


The Reel Nerds

About the Author:

As far as nerds go, there are not many reeler than Ryan. His love for movies is unmatched. He also loves comic books. When you combine comic books and movies Ryan is at his happiest. He enjoys all forms of pop culture and prides himself on knowing more then average nerds. Ryan has a couple of characters he prefers over the rest, first and foremost is Spider-Man. He also loves Ash from the Evil Dead. Ryan also enjoys Finishing people in Mortal Kombat and hopping on Goombas. He has attended Comic-Con and several Starfests with his good buddy Brad. He is amazed on how awesome Brad is at designing Reel Nerds pages. But don’t tell Brad he needs to stay humbled. Favorite movie: Army Of Darkness Favorite Genres: Action, Horror, Comic Book, Comedy

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