Ryan is watching the Star Wars Saga on Blu-Ray here’s what he thought of Episode 3…

| September 29, 2011

While Episode II was a step forward, Episode III is the closest any of the prequels get to capturing the magic of the earlier films.

Set a few years after the events in Attack of The Clones, Revenge of the Sith starts with the rescue of Senator Palpatine, who has been “captured” by the Sith Lord Count Dooku. Obi-Wan and Anakin storm Dooku’s ship and engage him in a light saber battle. When Obi-Wan is knocked out Dooku is overpowered by Anakin. With Dooku at his mercy Palpatine orders his execution. At first Anakin refuses but Palpatine insists and Dooku is decapitated by Anakin, this is the start of his descent into the Darkside. What Palpatine notices is that Anakin is terrified of Padme dying and he exploits it by saying he knows of a Sith Lord that was able to save people from death. Anakin does Palpatine’s bidding and informs Jedi Master Windu that Palpatine is in fact the Sith Lord, Darth Sidious. Windu attacks the Senator and when Palpatine begs for his life, Anakin severs Windu’s arm allowing Darth Sidious to kill him. Thus Darth Vader is born. Vader also kills all the Jedi younglings at the Jedi Temple and all the people that knew Darth Sidious and Senator Palpatine were one in the same. Obi-Wan and Vader have a light saber duel and when Obi-Wan defeats Vader he leaves him for dead. Palpatine finds Vader alive a transforms him into the Vader we all know and fear. Padme dies after giving birth to her and Anakin’s children and the twins are split up keeping them safe from Vader…

I think this is hands down the best of the prequels. It doesn’t have any goofy Jamaican-ish comic relief, it focuses on what matters, Anakin’s fall. Hayden Chrsitensen is better in this movie and he does have the intensity needed to become Vader. General Greivous is a cool new villain and has a sweet light saber battle with Obi-Wan. Speaking of light saber battles Obi-Wan and Vader’s(remember Anakin is no more!) on the Volcanic Planet Mustafar is the most epic light saber battle in the series.

Surprisingly I was shocked to learn that my fellow Nerds, Brad and James think this is the worst of the prequels?! My wife too! Huh? I mean yes there is some terrible dialogue. (“Hold me like you did on Naboo…”  yuck) And it has the single worst line I’ve ever heard “From my point of view the Jedi were evil!”  But I will take it for the awesome battles and finally seeing Vader on screen again. Am I alone in thinking that this is the best of the prequels? I hope not…

As far as the Blu-Ray goes this is the best looking and sounding Blu-Ray I have ever heard. This is why there is high-def. The battle on Mustafar is so epic that I thought my eyeballs would pop out of my head. And the sound, wow. You must watch this on Blu-Ray, now.

I don’t care what the Nerds say this movie rocks.

Grade: A-

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