Ryan has watched 26 Robert Downey Jr. movies and now he is making a list ranking them!

| April 20, 2012

I have grown to have an unhealthy obsession with Robert Downey Jr. I think he is the best actor we have right now and he has become my favorite actor. He can play serious and silly. And he has an undeniable charm. I still love Bruce Campbell but when it comes to diversity, RDJ rules them all.

26. In Dreams: This movie is not good. Annette Benning plays a  mother who’s daughter is murdered, and she shares dreams with the murderer Robert Downey Jr. Kinda like a lame A Nightmare on Elm Street movie Annette Benning plays it like she is going crazy, which she is, but she is terrible in this film. RDJ shows up about 1hr into the movie and does what he can with terrible dialogue. It’s the only movie of RDJ’s that I will never watch again. Bummer.

25. Gothika: Another genre film that is not that good. Halle Berry plays a doctor at a mental institution who finds herself a prisoner there after she is accused of murdering her husband. Downey plays a fellow doctor who has a crush on her and may be her only friend. Lame ghost story ensues and RDJ disappears for like an hour. He is very good in his 10mins on screen. 

24. Only You: Marisa Tomei plays a woman named Faith and believes that she is destined to fall in love with a man named Damon Bradley, so says a Ouija Board when she is younger. So when she is about to get married and her fiances friend, Damon Bradley calls she drops everything and heads to Italy. It takes almost an hour of lame women making asses of themselves before Robert Downey shows up claiming to be the one and only Damon Bradley. The stars have great chemistry but the script really lets them down.

23. Restoration: This movie is ok. Robert Downey Jr plays a brilliant physician named Robert Merival, who gains the favor of King Charles after saving his beloved dog. He is given power and wealth and he of course abuses it. After being stripped of his wealth, Robert Merival returns to a friend and rediscovers his love for medicine. The movie is pretty good, but it drags a little. And you have to deal with Meg Ryan doing an Irish accent.

22. Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus: A fake story about a real life photographer Diane Arbus. Robert Downey Jr plays Lionel Sweeney a man who suffers from hypertrichosis or werewolf syndrome. What Lionel does is unlocks Diane’s ability to photograph the bizarre. The leads are amazing in the movie but the only thing that holds it back is it is just plan weird. I do think people should watch it though.

21. Game 6: Michael Keaton plays Nick Rogan a playwright whose opening day happens to fall on the most infamous baseball game ever, Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. RDJ plays the most ruthless critic in New York. Keaton and Downey are amazing in this movie, I believe that this is the best part Keaton has ever played. Too bad the lame old woman and her grandson watch the game with him and spout lame life advice during that feels forced. If it wasn’t for that this might be higher on my list.

20. Chances Are: When Louie dies crossing the street on his first anniversary, he leaves behind a pregnant wife. While in heaven Louie escapes and is reincarnated as Alex Finch. Twenty years later Alex happens to bump into Louie’s daughter Miranda. Sparks fly but when he is introduced to Miranda’s mother, Louie takes over Alex’s body and tries to get with his wife again. Yes it’s convoluted but the cast makes it work. And extra points for a Rod Stewart song in a Robert Downey Jr movie.

19. Wonder Boys: A fun ensemble pic. Michael Douglas plays an english professor who’s wife has left him and his editor has been waiting for his new novel for 7 years. Fun script, fun cast, fun movie.

18. Charlie Bartlett: Anton Yelchin plays a very smart and very ADD high schooler, who after going to a psychiatrist learns he can get any drug he wants by saying key words. He soon becomes his classmates psychiatrist and  prescribes the drugs they need. This soon catches the attention of Susan the beautiful daughter of the schools principal. Oh and the principal is an overprotective alcoholic, played amazingly by Robert Downey Jr. RDJ is so good at playing damaged characters and he stills this movie. 

 17. A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints: Robert Downey Jr plays a writer who returns to his tough childhood home after learning his father is dying. The story is told through flashbacks with Shia Labeouf playing a young RDJ. Both him and Channing Tatum are great and this movie surprised me with how good it was. The only complaint is the directors weird editing choices.

16. Air America: Mel Gibson co stars in this true story about couriers who deliver goods to a war torn Vietnam. Of course there are all kinds of illegal stuff going on and soon him and RDJ get in over their heads. The movie is fun and Mel and RDJ are fantastic. Only a lame sub plot with Nancy Travis keeps it from flying high.

15. The Soloist: Another true story. Downey plays Steve Lopez a writer for the LA Times, who while sitting in a park hears a Stevie Wonder song coming from a violin. The violin is being played by a schizophrenic named Nathaniel Ayers. What Lopez learns is that Ayers is a genius who once was enrolled at Juilliard and he writes his story. The movie is anchored by great performances and it is really inspiring learning about this true story of redemption.

  14. Heart and Souls: Four people with unfinished business die in a bus crash are tied to a baby who is born at the same exact time. When Thomas Reilly is grown up he is a jerk. And it’s up to the ghosts to make him a better man while at the same time get into heaven. The movie is a little hokey but man it is fun. Downey Jr owns this movie and he is great playing the other characters when they inhabit him.

13. The Singing Detective: This movie is really weird, but I loved it. Downey Jr. plays a pulp writer who finds himself in a hospital with a horrific skin disease. The pain makes him hallucinate that he is in his stories. Sprinkled with witty dialogue and an all star cast, this one truly slipped under the radar. And it also has a great sound track and a fun performance by none other then Mel Gibson.

12. Due Date: This movie is so funny. RDJ and Zach Galifianakis are great as two men that are for better or worse are forced to drive across the country so RDJ won’t miss the birth of his child. Favorite moment: When Galifianakis’ character Ethan Trembley makes a stop to buy pot for his glaucoma, Downey’s character Peter is asked by the dealer to watch her children. After being tormented by them for a few minutes, Peter asks them to stop. When the boy doesn’t he punches the kid in the stomach. Oh and this is the second RDJ movie with a Rod Stewart song.

11. Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows: For some reason I was worried about this film. All my fears were washed away the moment Downey Jr came on screen. He is awesome as the super sleuth and in this movie he goes head to head with his greatest enemy, Professor Moriarty. The film is also fantastically shot by Guy Ritchie. I love the Sherlock Holmes movies and hope there will be more.

  10. Iron Man 2: Robert Downey Jr reprises his most famous role as Tony Stark aka Iron Man. While it is not quite as good the first, you can’t help but not think that this is the character that he was born to play. Cocky, funny and cool not only describes Tony Stark but also Robert Downey Jr. Also Sam Rockwell is great too as rival billionaire Justin Hammer, who isn’t quite as charming as Tony Stark.

9. Richard III: A Shakespeare play that is made into a enjoyable movie stars Ian McKellen as Richard III. Even though RDJ is killed early in this movie it is still good. McKellen steals this picture and is truly amazing in the leading role. Too bad Annette Benning is also in this movie, because she is not good. But just ignore her and enjoy Ian McKellen.

8. Back To School: You might not remember that RDJ is not in this movie, that’s ok he plays the friend of Rodney Dangerfield’s son. But this movie is still really funny. I love Rodney and he’s at his looney best. Also Sam Kinison kills as a teacher. Classic 80’s comedy.

7. Chaplin: If there was a movie that showcased how brilliant Robert Downey Jr is, it would be Chaplin. He owns this role which he was rightfully nominated for an Academy Award. He is so good there are times you swore you were watching Charlie Chaplin. If you are a fan of RDJ you must watch this movie.

6. A Scanner Darkly: A super cool movie that was filmed and then painstakingly animated over. Taking place in the future Keanu Reeves is an undercover cop who is involved in a case of a dangerous new drug that he becomes addicted to. All the actors are great and there are times when you forget you are watching an animated film. Of course Downey Jr, steals the movie with his great line delivery and his performance. I didn’t see this for awhile because I was worried it would be too weird. I was wrong and this movie is great.

5. Sherlock Holmes: After Iron Man Robert Downey Jr took on another classic character and made it his own. This movie is really cool and it is super fun. I truly love this movie and RDJ can do an English accent like it is his native tongue.

4. Tropic Thunder: Only Robert Downey Jr can play an Australian actor who in his new movie dyes his skin so he can play an African American. To watch RDJ switch between these two characters is nothing short of astounding. The movie is very funny and Downey scored another Oscar nod.

3. Iron Man: The movie that made Robert Downey Jr a superstar and for good reason. This movie rocks. Taking a somewhat of a second tier comic hero and making it one of the best superhero movies ever is nothing short of amazing. The action scenes are cool and RDJ is dynamite as Tony Stark. And who doesn’t love the scene where he revels to the world that he is Iron Man? Not many heroes have those balls.

2. The Last Party: What a surprise this movie was. It’s a documentary that RDJ shot and stars in during the election of 1992. He tackles some pressing social issues and does it with an open mind. He asks questions you wish every news pundit would. It’s also touching at some points. When he has a one on one with a boy who was making fun of him earlier and he uncovers why the boy is mean is touching. Also to see how far he has come since his drug days is a great testament to him as a person. I wish I could own this movie, come on Criterion this movie is perfect for you!

1. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: My favorite RDJ movie is as cool as they come. Written and Directed by Simon Black(who’s doing Iron Man 3, sweet!) this follows Harry Lockhart, a criminal who stumbles into a movie audition and gets the part. He teams up with a gay cop played by Val Kilmer(who’s character name is Gay Perry) to learn how to play a cop for his movie. This movie is awesome and if you haven’t seen it, stop reading this and see it now.

So there you go…dammit! I forgot Zodiac! That movie is great too and it is somewhere in the top 10…

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