Amazing Cosplay at Denver Comic Con

| June 19, 2012

The costumes this year were unbelievably great. It felt like about a quarter of people were dressed up (Way more than I could ever take pictures of) which has to be some kind of Con record. I kept telling people that the line outside the building showed how hungry Denver has been for a con like this, but that’s not true. It was really all the costumes that communicated the level of passion built up among a community of dessert dwellers too far from a great con to roadtrip. Thank you all for making this first year so special.

There was a Washing machine running around the con floor too but I guess he’d lost it.

No Villainous photoshoot would be complete without a Thor photobomb!

These two Caps are the same guy on Friday and then Saturday.

These kids were so cute! And one of the most unique and well-crafted costumes I saw.

This is what happens when Brad turns off my Autofocus without telling me. Sorry man, you were among the best Doctors. 

These guys got a double take out of me. I passed them, then realized how awesome their costume was and had to chase them back down.

These guys had a Captain and a Ship at the Con too, but I never saw them. I’d love to see what a Serenity costume looks like so if you’ve got a picture email it to us.

A great set of costumes but I was slightly rude to them. If you see this, Sorry Indy, sorry rogue, you guys were great.

This last guy wasn’t dressed as the Doctor. He wasn’t dressed up at all. He told me he just used to work at a book store, which means that unlike the rest of us, who are normal all year round, this guy is as awesome as Matt Smith every single day!

You were all so amazing! Thank you for bringing so much fun and excitement to the Con and We’ll look forward to seeing you all again next year. I expect a few very detailed Stan Lee costumes.


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