1st Annual Nerdy Awards

| March 6, 2013


Here’s a list of the awards Ryan and Brad handed out in the latest episode, Ep. 90: Jack the Giant Snoozer, for the 1st Annual Nerdy Awards.


Character That Made Ryan Suspend the Most Disbelief

  • Brooke Hogan as a scientist in Sand Sharks

Most Surprising Handjob in a Movie

  • FDR and his cousin in Hyde Park on Hudson

Scariest Character of the Year

  • Renesme the CGI Baby in Breaking Dawn Part II

Best Use of Warner Bros. Logo

  • The 70’s/80’s Warner Bros. logo in Argo

Actor Ryan Most Wants to Lose His Gayginity To

  • Robert Downey Jr. in Marvel’s The Avengers

Best Grunting

  • Tom Hardy in Lawless

Movie That Made Ryan Feel 18 Again

  • American Reunion

Most Explicit Child Nudity

  • The slideshow in Klovn

Movie with Most Objects Denying Ryan a Shot of Jennifer Aniston Naked

  • Wanderlust

Best Death by Unicorn Scene

  • Death by Unicorn Scene in Cabin in the Woods

Best Use of Single Camera

  • Silent House

Most Pussified Version of Battle Royale

  • The Hunger Games

Movie That Makes Us Believe in Love

  • Moonrise Kingdom

Worst Song

  • Most of them in The Lorax

Best Use of Airport Security

  • Chuck Norris who unloads a bunch of bullets into a guy who then activates the metal detector as he dies.

Most Likely to Be Cast as Tetsuo in an Akira movie

  • The child from Looper

Best Ass-Kicking

  • The five (or two) guys who got their asses kicked by Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher

Best Waste of a Billion Dollars

  • The waste of one-billion dollars in Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

Movie That Made Ryan Cry

  • Paranorman

Most Unrestricted Use of the N-Word

  • Django Unchained


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Every week Ryan, James, and Brad of Denver based Reel Nerds Podcast attend a new movie and then we podcast our experience to the world. We also share news, opinions and reviews of movies, comics, video games and pop culture! Turn off your cell phones and save the chatter for after the credits!
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