The Reel Nerds Teach Comics to Not Literally

| April 17, 2013


We may be a movie podcast but if you can’t already tell by listening to the show, we’re a movie podcast that wishes it was a comic book podcast too. That being said, when the fine ladies over at Not Literally decided that they wanted to learn more about comics as part of their Vlog Every Day in April project, we jumped at the chance. Loyal listeners should get ready to roll their eyes at James’ blatant influence over the choice of comics learned. What’s next, Ryan tells her about Spider-Man? Yes, probably. That’s probably next.

Subscribe to their channel and stay tuned here to see us talk about The Gaurdians of the Galaxy, Thanos, The Wolverine, and much more in the weeks to come!

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  1. Brad says:

    Brad seems to know a bit about Batman and Ninja Turtles… you know… if that’s ever needed…

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