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| January 2, 2014

anchorman2intl_aThe MPAA in their infinite wisdom allow PG-13 movies to use the F-word just once, which, in my opinion has led to a wide-spread increase in the use of that word. Sometimes it feels like it’s just thrown in because filmmakers think that an action movie without it is somehow diminished, while other times it’s a gem. Correct usage of the F-word is not a fine art, but it’s an art no less, so let’s count down our favorite uses of the word this year.

oblivion-tom-cruise-olga-kurylenkoI don’t know why this one is so much fun, it hardly even makes any sense, but something about the way Tom Cruise delivers this line makes you laugh and cheer at the same time. In some ways I think they only use this line because they couldn’t think of anything truly smart to say, but I’m fine with that, because I guess I just like hearing Tom Cruise say…

AIL_RF_06991.NEFRobert Redford’s character is so calm throughout his entire ordeal at sea that when he finally breaks his silence it not the word but the way that it’s said that stretches on and on. It’s a wonderful scene and honestly makes the rest of the silence somehow more impacting.

kinopoisk.ruAs far as meaning goes, The World’s End should win. [SPOILERS] When The Network finally gets so frustrated by humanity at the end of the movie that it simply gives up and we are forever banished from entry into their galactic peace, there is really only one way that it can vent its frustration. The galaxy doesn’t just stop caring, it fails to give a…

anchorman2featureThis is a strangely subtle use of the F-word in a movie that pretty much doesn’t do anything else subtly. I would have expected them to use their one use in a more ridiculous or flashy way, but instead it is just a quiet little line delivered well by Will Farrell. When he’s confronted with his wife’s new boyfriend he becomes convinced that the strange man has psychic powers and is actively reading his mind. The scene ends with a frustrated little… well, you know.

Redband trailer for action-adventure film Hansel and Gretel Witch HuntersReally? I hear you asking. Yes, really. Hansel & Gretel doesn’t win because it’s the funniest, or the most badass, it wins because it sets the tone for the entire movie. Without this line you might have spent another twenty minutes trying to figure out just what this movie was trying to do, but in one sentence they make it clear that you are just here to mess about and have fun, and if that doesn’t work for you, than this wont be your kind of movie. When I first heard that line I knew I was going to enjoy this movie because it was obvious that the filmmakers weren’t taking themselves so seriously that they’d get in their own way. Hansel and Gretel seem to step out of some other world completely into a movie that should be garbage if not for the delicious scenery chewing that they bring with them. It’s not just the hillbillies that Hansel and Gretel feel they are better than, it’s everything else in this fucking movie.

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