Movies I Want to Watch at the Alamo Drafthouse (Updated for 2016)

| October 11, 2016

3 years ago, I wrote a post featuring all of the catalog movies I wanted to watch at the Littleton Alamo Drafthouse in the hopes that the suggestions would eventually get programmed. Amazingly, in three years, half of my list has come true! Let’s go through the list and see what screened and what I still need screened to complete my life.

Super Mario Bros. (SCREENED)


Not long after watching this at the Esquire, it DID get programmed at the Alamo so I leveled up!

Last Action Hero (SCREENED)


Again, not long after this list was published, Last Action Hero screened and we attended!

Batteries Not Included


Sadly, still has not screened. Will probably never screen. But I still hold out hope. This movie is absolutely delightful. But I know this is a long shot.

Back to the Future Marathon (SCREENED)


Back to the Future day came in 2015 and the Alamo screened the trilogy… but I couldn’t make it. I celebrated the trilogy somewhere else that day but that doesn’t mean I accomplished my goal. I still want to watch II & III at the Alamo. Sadly, I also missed a craft dinner for BTTF II.



Still waiting to be screened. A favorite to quote among my friends. Not essential, but I’d like to have the ticket for it.

Hamlet (1996)


I think they did screen this but I missed it. This would be tough to program given the almost 4 hour runtime, but I want it.



The Esquire got this finally but I couldn’t get there to see it that weekend. Here’s hoping Alamo will give me that second chance. Well I did that chance, and Rufio and Don’t Ask were there for a Q&A!

Howard the Duck (SCREENED)


There has to be some Alamo cult programming this is perfect for right? Well turns out they programmed it for the Mile High Sci-Fi show, so I had to endure so-so comedic commentary laid over it.

First Blood


I think I have a good chance of this getting programmed someday. But people will be surprised it’s not balls to the wall action like it’s sequels… which is why it’s my favorite. They programmed Part II as a craft dinner, so First Blood is possible.

Robocop 2


I always enjoyed this one. Want a ticket. They do the original often. Change it up and give me 2!



My personal favorite of the original series. We get Wrath of Khan all the time, let’s change it up. They did it as a great craft dinner just a few weeks ago.

Suburban Commando


I got this picture off the Austin Alamo page. This could happen!!! Still waiting.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II & III (HALF – SCREENED)


No secret. Huge TMNT fan. But they never show the other two. I lost my mind when the Esquire showed TMNT: The Movie. But they’ve shown it three times since and ever time I went, some jerkoff made a joke about Ninja Rap. So there’s an audience for the second one, I know it! And I never saw the third one in the theater when it came out, so unfinished business. Well turns out, the first sequel doesn’t draw a crowd like the original because attendance was so low at TMNT 2 they’ll most likely never do it again, which ruins TMNT 3’s prospects.



Another fav that is perfect for cult programming. They did it and it was fun!



I’m surprised that with as many times as I’ve heard people yell “Get to da choppah!” this doesn’t roll through Esquire Midnights more, not even around Halloween. Alamo, “Get it to da projectah!” Are you kidding me? Still not this? I swear they even showed Predator 2 at one point.



Let’s add some new ones to the list! They just did Heat in Austin with Christopher Nolan as host. All I demand is the film (but if Nolan wants to attend we won’t stop him)

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie


I think I might have actually accomplished this at an Esquire Midnight… but who cares. Let’s see it at the Alamo just to be sure.

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