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| November 25, 2011

Uncharted is one of the most amazing and cinematic video games ever made. So it’s only natural that Hollywood would want to adapt it. But to fans horror the first attempt sounded like a nightmare. David O. Russell is an ok director but when he wanted to cast Marky Mark(Mark Walberg) as Drake fans were rightfully upset. I like Mark Walberg but he isn’t right for Nathan Drake. So I decided to make a list of my dream cast to portray the characters. The first game does a great job of introducing Drake and his world so that’s what this list is based on. I did like the story of how Nathan and Sully met from Uncharted 3 and thought that would be a fun opening to the movie…

Nathan Drake——Chris Evans

Yes I know Nathan Fillion would make a great Drake, however he is too old. Chris Evans has the acting and comedic timing down and he is super hunky. He can do action, (Captain America) and he can do funny(Not Another Teen Movie), so being Drake would be natural for him.

Victor “Sully” Sullivan—-Bruce Campbell

Duh. This is the easiest choice by far. Bruce could pull off a veteran treasure hunter that’s cool and a father figure to Drake in his sleep.

 Elena Fisher—-Emma Stone

Nate’s love interest is tough. She needs to be charming and funny and sexy. She also needs to be able to hold herself in a gunfight. Emma Stone can do all of the above.

Gabriel Roman——Robert Downey Jr.

A rival treasure hunter that’s a smart ass, cool, and tough as hell. Easy RDJ.

Atoq Navarro——-Dwayne Johnson

Roman’s muscle and tough guy that can easily kick Drake’s ass, The Rock loves laying the smack down on everyones candy ass!

Young Nate——Chandler Riggs

Super talented young actor from The Walking Dead could easily pull off Young Drake no problem.

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