Ryan’s Top 7 Spike Moments on Buffy and Angel

| June 14, 2012

This weekend your favorite host of a podcast about movies that are recorded in Denver is hosting a panel with the Awesome James Marsters. Mr. Marsters is best known as Spike in the Buffy universe and here are my favorite moments with the love sick vamp.

7. School Hard Buffy Season 2, episode 3

Spikes first appearance on Buffy was memorable. Hearing that Sunnydale had a slayer problem Spike offers to kill her for the Anointed One. Spike meets Buffy at her school during parent teacher night and is shocked to learn that the slayer has friends and allies. Unable to kill her he kneels before the Anointed One asking for forgiveness, but then changes his mind and kills the little bugger, thus ushering in the era of Spike.

6 & 5. Lies My Parents Told Me Buffy Season 7 episode 17

Cool flashbacks tell the story of Spike. One is how he turns his mother into a vampire after she nearly succumbs to tuberculosis. But when his mother awakes a vampire she does not love Spike he kills her.

Spikes fight with the slayer Nikki Wood not only resulted in her death, the second slayer Spike had killed. He also took her trench coat which would become Spike’s trademark look after that.

4. Smile Time Angel Season 5 episode 14

Angel is turned into a puppet and him and Spike fight. Awesome.

3. Lover’s Walk Buffy season 3 episode 8

Distraught because Dru left him for a chaos demon Spike returns to Sunnydale looking for a way to win her back. When Buffy hears Spike in the background while on the phone with her mother she fears the worst. However Spike is just pouring his heart out to Joyce. Angel stops by to see if Buffy is alright and sees that Spike is in Buffy’s house, he rushes to “save” Joyce but Angel has not been invited in, which leads to an amazing bit of comedy where Spike is acting like he is going to bite Joyce with Angel being helpless. All he wanted was some love advice and hot cocoa, relax Angel!

2. Chosen Buffy season 7 episode 22

In the final battle at Sunnydale the Hellmouth opens and the Slayers and Spike spring into action. During the climax Spike sacrifices himself to close the Hellmouth and Buffy says “I love you”, Spike then says amazingly “No you don’t, but thanks for saying it.” Great ending to a great character, for a little while anyways.

1. Once More With Feeling Buffy, Season 6 episode 7

My favorite song from my favorite episode of Buffy is “Rest In Peace”. Which is Spikes rock love song he sings to Buffy. It plays like a gothic music video with a ton of sexual tension throughout. I love this episode.

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