Ryan’s Top 10 Episodes of Batman:The Animated Series

| November 30, 2012

Yes it’s true, Brad is the biggest fan of The Dark Knight. However, I do think that his early 90’s cartoon is the best superhero cartoon ever. I remember being little and loving this show. When it was released on DVD I rushed out to get it. But then I ignored the next 3 volumes. Doing this Podcast I rediscovered my love of this show and James and Brad completed my set for my birthday(great guys right?). So after re-watching them all I have not easily narrowed down my 10 favorite episodes, Brad you can disagree of course.

10. Legends of the Dark Knight(episode 19 of The New Adventures of Batman)  A very clever episode that features two distinct art styles. One is the 40’s style(pictured) of Dick Sprang and 80’s style of Frank Miller. When the show shifted to the New Adventures the great episodes would be spaced a little more. But every once in awhile one would blow you away, and this is one of the them. It is a story of children and how they see Batman, and like everyone who reads comics there is a version of Batman you love the most. One bummer of New Adventures is it lost the beautiful title cards, but with episodes like this you don’t miss them…too much.

9.  House and Garden(Adventures of Batman and Robin episode 5) One of the most heartbreaking stories in the series, it seems that Poison Ivy is reformed and married to the doctor who treated her at Arkham. When wealthy men of Gotham start being victims of Ivy’s style of crimes he checks her out. When everything seems normal he leaves. What happens next is scary and sad, I seriously almost cried watching this again. Amazing episode.

8.  Perchance to Dream (The Animated Series episode 30)  One of the most memorable episodes of the show. Bruce Wayne wakes up one morning and everything is different but he can’t figure out what. His parents are alive, and his engaged to Selina Kyle. Not bad, but also not right. Bruce eventually figures out he is dreaming and he solves the mystery by not being able to read.(is this real? Everyone who has seen this episode remembers this part and can’t figure out if this is true.)  

7.  Two-Face Parts 1 & 2 (The Animated Series episodes 10 & 11)  I think some of the best episodes are the ones that involve Batman’s greatest rogues. What makes this tragic is that Harvey Dent is in the series as a good lawyer. In fact he starts as a good guy and is even poisoned by Poison Ivy a few episodes before. Anyways cool villain and the way Batman defeats him is so good that Batman Forever stole it.

6.  Trial (Adventures of Batman and Robin episode 3)  This episode contains all of Bats’ villains who put him on trial in Arkham. It’s fun to see Joker as the Judge and Two-Face as the prosecutor. The whole episode is inspired and the argument that Dent has is that Batman drives all of these criminals to crime, brilliant.  

5.  Mad Love (The New Batman Adventures episode 21) Adapted from one of my favorite Batman stories, Mad Love tells the story of how Harley fell in love with The Joker. Twisted and funny this is a fantastic episode and as psycho and twisted as The Joker himself.

4.  Almost Got’im (The Animated Series episode 46) A really fun episode that features some of Batman’s deadliest foes as the recall the time they almost got him. Again what is really great about this episode is how clever it is. All of the villains tell truly gripping stories but they just can’t finish The Bat.

3.  The Laughing Fish (The Animated Series episode 34) Truly an episode that showcases Joker as The Clown Prince of Crime. Joker poisons fish giving them his trademark smile. When two people almost die in a truly terrifying way Batman investigates. I love this episode and when I was little the smiles on the fish and the two poisoned men scared the crap out of me. Watching it again memories of this episode and it’s iconic imagery came screaming back to me. Yes, some might argue there are better Joker episodes but to me this is the epitome of him in this series.

2.  Heart of Ice (The Animated Series episode 14) I had no idea that Mr. Freeze did not have a proper origin in comics. This tragic and heartbreaking story is Paul Dini’s finest episode and story ever. Trying to use cryogenics to save his wife Nora, Victor Fries is pushed into chemicals by Ferris Boyle and emerges as Mr. Freeze. An amazing episode and I know that this is the most popular episode among fans but there is one episode that I love more, but not that much more. Thinking about this episode makes me choke up, well done Mr. Dini.

1.  Feat of Clay Parts 1 & 2(The Animated Series) This is my favorite episode of the series. So much of the imagery stuck with me through out my life. It’s also like most of the best episodes tragic and scary. Master of disguise and actor Matt Hagan uses an addictive face cream called Renuyu, that allows him to reshape his face. When Roland Daggetts men catch Hagan trying to steal some they pour it all over his face. He emerges as the monster Clayface and begins to seek revenge against Daggett. The end is haunting and the episodes are truly terrifying. This episode stayed with me forever and I still love it today,

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