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Reel Gamers Review: Tomb Raider (PS3)

| March 28, 2013


The original Tomb Raider debuted on Playstation in 1996, and boy have video games changed for the better. Of all the video game characters that needed an upgrade Lara Croft might have needed it the most. The biggest selling point of the original game was Ms. Croft’s unbelievable *ahem* assets. This new Tomb Raider takes what you know about Lara and turns it on it’s head. Gone are horrible controls and an even worse camera angles, this game is full of amazing graphics, tight controls, and a Lara Croft that learns to be tough and self reliant.

Tomb Raider takes gamers on basically an origin tale of Lara becoming a Tomb Raider. Lara and several of her friends are on a journey to a mysterious island that holds many secrets. In a tale that owes a lot to the Uncharted series, where nothing is what it seems. Tomb Raider starts with a bang dropping players into several intense action sequences. Lara is beat up and hurt and worst for wear after the boat she’s on wrecks and sinks. Separated from her colleagues Lara fights her way back to them.tomb-raider-2013-screenshot-3 On the way Lara meets other people that are trapped on the island and they are not friendly. One of my favorite moments in the game is when Lara is forced to kill them and how great this moment is handled. Throughout the game I still felt guilty about killing people, just like Lara. As the story progresses I found myself just engrossed in Lara’s journey and I did not want it to end.

The graphics are absolutely stunning. Lara looks beautiful and strong. The game also has some sweet effects, when it rains rain drops hit the screen and slid down as if we are watching this game through a camera that’s really there. Not only does water trickle down the screen but so too does snow, blood, and sparks from explosions. The lighting effects are also amazing, I loved the way this game looked every nook and cranny is beautifully realized.

The controls are super tight and precise. This is needed in game like this where perfect timing in jumping is crucial. You must traverse hostile terrain where ledges and branches break without warning. The weapon controls are spot on as well. Although Lara doesn’t like to kill she sure knows how to use weapons. She needs them too because not only does she have to deal with crazy “locals” but also wildlife. Yes, hunting is an important part of this game and by hunting you are rewarded with HP and skills.tmbradierdeer Almost everything on this game is top notch. Story, production value, but I think one best things this game has going for it is Camilla Luddinton’s performance as Lara Croft. You believe everything that she says and feel the heartbreak everytime she loses someone close to her. As far as Tomb Raiding it’s optional in the game. Now don’t freak out it’s still fun and there are a lot of tombs to discover. After you beat the game you are free to explore the island without the story pushing you in a direction and it is lots of fun. Trust me you will want to play this game after you beat it because there is so much to do and lots that you missed the first go around. The only blemish in the game is the multi-player is just alright. It’s bad, it’s just not that great either. It is fun but unnecessary.

This is a very welcome return. Lara Croft is back and kicks so much more ass then she did before.

Here are the ratings for Tomb Raider:(These are the old Gamepro magazine ratings, I loved this magazine when I was little and it hasn’t been published for over year so I’m bringing it back! Brad is working on something that will look better, here is a sample of how they looked when I was growing up)

Graphics 5.0

Control 5.0

Sound 5.0

Fun Factor 5.0



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