Ep. 102: The Furious Hangover

| May 30, 2013

Filmmaker Zach Eastman returns to announce the partnership of The Boy Who Stares and Aurora Rise before the nerds play fast and furious with another hangover.


(3:37) Zach Eastman’s The Boy Who Stares partners with Aurora Rise, promotes Casselman’s show benefit

(17:00) Podshow spoilers

(23:00) Fan Mail


(37:44) Zach: The Hudsucker Proxy, The Great Gatsby, Star Trek Into Darkness, Justified, Community

(45:20) Ryan: Crimewave, Bigfoot’s Wild Weekend,  Game of Thrones

(1:02:00) James: The Dick Van Dyke Show, Bates Motel, The Office Finale

(1:07:44) Brad: Hard Target, Sudden Death, Kitchen Nightmares

(1:26:54) Box Office Stats

New Releases

(1:32:00) Dark Skies, Longmire S1, Cleopatra, Doctor Who S7 Pt.2

Reel News

(1:35:19) XBOX One announced, Halo TV Show

(1:40:00) The World’s End trailer

Comics Corner

(1:43:00) Get your DCC2013 tickets!


(1:45:23) Fast & Furious 6

(2:00:00) The Hangover Part 3

About the Author:

Every week Ryan, James, and Brad of Denver based Reel Nerds Podcast attend a new movie and then we podcast our experience to the world. We also share news, opinions and reviews of movies, comics, video games and pop culture! Turn off your cell phones and save the chatter for after the credits!

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