Ryan loves Spider-Man and here are his most cherished Spidey stories of all time!

| May 9, 2012

Spider-Man is the greatest super-hero of all time. So says the author of this blog and since no one can argue until after this is posted you have to agree! With his new movie right around the corner I thought I would share the stories that have meant the most to me as a fan. Most of these are found in trades now but I will list the original issue numbers to help you if you have a lot of money and want to add to your Spidey collection.

10. Amazing Fantasy #15

(art by Jack Kirby)

The one that started it all. When nerdy Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider he gains the spiders abilities. He first uses the power for fame. Wrestling and appearing on TV. But when he allows a burglar to escape police custody he figures no big deal. He returns how one night to find police surround his home. He is told that his beloved Uncle Ben has been murdered and that the police have tracked the culprit to a warehouse. Pete changes into Spider-Man and confronts the burglar. He is shocked to learn that the man who shot his Uncle is the same man he let escape earlier! This guilt propels Peter to use his power for good, and he learns “With Great power, must also come great responsibility…”

9. The Amazing Spider-Man (volume 1) #39-40

(art by John Romita)

The Green Goblin started his career seeking to be the new mob boss of New York, but after being continuously being thwarted by Spider-Man he decides to make his attack personal. Hiring low lives to engage in a battle with Spider-Man, the Goblin has them throw a gas at Spidey causing his Spider-Sense to be weakened allowing the Goblin to stalk Spider-Man until he reveals his secret identity. When Spidey removes his mask and the Goblin sees that he is nothing more then a boy, he ambushes Peter Parker at his aunt’s home. Peter fearing his aunt would see the fight between him and the Green Goblin allows himself to be captured.

The Goblin takes Peter to his hideout where the Goblin reveals himself to Peter. The Green Goblin is none other then Norman Osborn, the father of Peter’s best friend Harry! Peter is able to distract Norman long enough to attack him. The Battle that ensues causes Norman to have “amnesia” and forget he was ever The Green Goblin.

8. The Amazing Spider-Man #229-230

(art by John Romita Jr.)

This is a great little two-parter that shows how selfless and heroic Spider-Man is. When Tom Cassidy asks Juggernaut to kidnap Madame Web, a powerful psychic she sees it coming. Madame Web asks Spider-Man for help. Spidey soon learns that the Juggernaut is much too strong for him to stop. Out classed in strength Spider-Man uses something that the Juggernaut cannot compete with him; his brains. Spider-Man lures Juggernaut to a construction site and tricks him into wet cement, thus stopping the Juggernaut for now…

7. The Amazing Spider-Man #625

(art by Mark Djurdevic)

This is the latest book on my list and the one that surprised me the most. And it also made my heart break. The original Rhino had given up his life of crime. He even had his Rhino suit removed. A new Rhino appears and tells the old Rhino to suit up and fight because the only way he can become the one true Rhino is he must kill the old Rhino. Spider-Man convinces the old Rhino to hide, he agrees and takes his new wife Oksana with him. But on the way into hiding they are ambushed by the new Rhino which sadly leads to the death of his beloved wife. Rhino goes crazy and puts his suit on once again. The old Rhino finds the new Rhino and with one charge and hit destroys the suit worn by the new Rhino. Now totally exposed Rhino backs up and prepares to charge and kill the new Rhino. Spider-Man begs him to stop, but to no avail . The Rhino kills him, never to be the man underneath the suit again.

6. The Amazing Spider-Man #33

(art by Steve Ditko)

An early issue that shows again how great Spider-Man is. When his Aunt May becomes deathly ill, Peter learns that she needs a special serum to save her. Of course the only place that Spider-Man can get the serum is to take it from Dr. Octopus. In a battle in an underwater base Spidey becomes trapped. Unable to lift the huge amount of debris, Spider-Man is about to give up. But he soon psyches himself up telling himself that if he quits then Aunt May dies. In a moment of incredible strength Spidey lifts the debris of him and makes it to Aunt May, saving her life.

5. The Spectacular Spider-Man #200

(art by Sal Buscema)

Harry Osborn is the most tragic character in the Spider-Man books. Unable to live up to his fathers expectations he turns into a drug addict. When his father is killed in a battle with Spider-Man he removes the Green Goblin costume from his body and takes the mantle of The Goblin. But he never could become as evil as his dad. In one final attempt to destroy Peter Parker’s life he takes an enhanced version of the Goblin formula. He then taunts Peter and stalks him making Pete’s life very uncomfortable. Harry is finally able to lure Peter into a fight and it’s quite a fight. Peter realizes that Harry is in fact stronger and is over powered by him. Harry then sticks Peter with a poisoned spike. He intends to blow up his townhome with both him and Peter inside. What Harry didn’t know was that his son Normie and Peter’s wife Mary Jane were in the house as well. Peter asks him to save them, which he does. After he saves MJ and Normie, Mary Jane pleads with Harry not to kill Peter. Harry flies his goblin glider into the home and saves Peter. After telling Peter that he is hero like him, Harry collapses. His new Goblin formula kills him.

 4. Kraven’s Last Hunt, Web Of Spider-Man #31-32 The Amazing Spider-Man #293-294, The Spectacular Spider-Man #131-132

Kraven the Hunter was a lame Spider-Man villain. But this story made him really scary. When Spider-Man fails to defeat the monster known as Vermin, Kraven decides he can, and to prove it he shoots Spidey with a tranquilizer dart and buries Spidey alive! Kraven then dons Spider-Mans costume and defeats Vermin. Spider-Man awakes two weeks later and digs himself out of his grave. Spider-Man finds Kraven and starts to attack him. Kraven however doesn’t fight back, he tells Spider-Man he doesn’t need to as he has proven that he is superior. Kraven then releases Vermin and once again Spidey cannot defeat the man rat. He is saved by Kraven and tells Spider-Man he can pursue Vermin if he wants, but Kraven says he no longer needs to hunt. Kraven then goes home satisfied he has done all he can, puts a shotgun in his mouth and pulls the trigger, he died believing he bested Spider-Man at last.

3. The Amazing Spider-Man #90

(art by John Romita)

Captain George Stacy liked Peter Parker. He liked the fact that his daughter Gwen, was dating him. He also respected Spider-Man, one of the few NYPD officers that did. In preparing for a battle with Dr. Octopus, Spider-Man invented a special web fluid that would affect his tentacles. Spider-Man and Doc Ock met on a rooftop and battled. Soon Captain Stacy arrived on the scene with the police. When Spider-Man fires his webbing at Doc Ock it does exactly what he wanted it to. Ock’c tentacles went crazy and knocked over a chimney. As the debris feel to the street below a child walked into harms way. Captain Stacy jumped into action and pushed the child out of the way. However he was crushed. Spidey swooped down and picked him up to rush him to the hospital. Captain Stacy told Spider-Man he won’t make it and to put him down. Captain Stacy reveals to Spider-Man that he knows that he is Peter Parker and to take care of Gwen. George Stacy dies in Spider-Mans arms.

2. The Spectacular Spider-Man #178-184

(art by Sal Buscema)

The Child Within is an amazing six part story that is so deep it’s crazy. The story deals with three very different characters and with the psychology that comes from their childhood. Peter Parker, Harry Osborn, and Edward better known to the comic world as Vermin. What is revealed are some really deep levels of abuse and heart break. For Peter it’s the abandonment of his biological parents. For Harry it’s the inability to live up to his fathers expectations. And the most shocking of all is Vermin’s being sexually abused by his father and his evil side is a direct result of that abuse. The story is dark and it is so wonderfully scripted by J.M. Dematties. This is a powerful arc and one that is kind of forgotten about.

1. The Amazing Spider-Man #121-122

(art by John Romita)

This is the greatest comic story ever. When Norman Osborn has a mental breakdown and becomes the Green Goblin again he immediately goes after Peter Parker. Peter is not at his apartment however, but his girlfriend Gwen Stacy was. The Goblin kidnaps Gwen and leaves a note for Peter. When returning to his apartment Peter is horrified that Gwen has been taken by The Green Goblin. Spider-Man quickly swings into action and he finds The Goblin and Gwen on top of the George Washington bridge. Gwen appears to be unconscious and The Goblin is taunting Spider-Man. Spidey rushes into action and angrily attacks the Green Goblin. After Spidey lands a massive blow to the Goblin he rushes to Gwen’s side. But just before he gets there the Goblin knocks Gwen of the bridge…

  Peter thinks he saves Gwen’s life and pulls her up to “safety”. When she makes it to the top of the bridge Peter is horrified to find that she is dead! The Green Goblin then tells Spider-Man that she was dead before he tried to save her a fall from that height would kill anyone…

The Green Goblin took the shock of Gwen’s death to escape. When Peter leaves Gwen’s body with the police on the dock, he goes after Osborn. Unable to locate him at his home, he tries the Goblins hideout. There Peter finds him and goes berserk. He beats Osborn to an inch of his life and when he is about to deliver the death blow, he stops. Peter realizes that if he killed the Goblin he is no better then him, and Gwen would not want him to do it. The Goblin however uses this opportunity to remotely activate his glider with the intention of stabbing Spider-Man in the back. Spidey’s spider-sense alerts him and he dodges the glider….

  The Goblin dies at his own hands…

Wow I got teary just reliving that story. I hope you enjoy this list and will read the adventures of Peter Parker…The Amazing Spider-Man!

About the Author:

As far as nerds go, there are not many reeler than Ryan. His love for movies is unmatched. He also loves comic books. When you combine comic books and movies Ryan is at his happiest. He enjoys all forms of pop culture and prides himself on knowing more then average nerds. Ryan has a couple of characters he prefers over the rest, first and foremost is Spider-Man. He also loves Ash from the Evil Dead. Ryan also enjoys Finishing people in Mortal Kombat and hopping on Goombas. He has attended Comic-Con and several Starfests with his good buddy Brad. He is amazed on how awesome Brad is at designing Reel Nerds pages. But don’t tell Brad he needs to stay humbled. Favorite movie: Army Of Darkness Favorite Genres: Action, Horror, Comic Book, Comedy

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