Brutality! Jason’s Top Ten Hits(kills)

| May 25, 2013


Jason is my favorite movie monster. Tonight I was watching an old classic, Friday the 13th Part 2 and it got me reminiscing of my favorite Jason hits, yes it’s macabre,  but hey it’s fun. So let’s jump into the bloodbath that Jason has left and see what are his 10 best disembowelments.

10. Vera, Friday the 13th Part 3(1982)

jasonspeargunkillJason wore a bag over his head in Part 2. He needed an identity. He found it when practical joker Shelly tried scaring his friends with a hockey mask and a spear gun(why? not sure). But after Vera yells at him he sulks away. Jason finds the mask and the spear gun and shoots Vera in the eye with it. From this moment on, a horror icon is born.

9. Mark, Friday the 13th Part 2(1981)

wheelmarkJason puts a rest to the myth that he only kills teenagers who are engaging in premarital sex and do drugs. Yes, Mark was on his way to maybe have sex and he did smoke some weed, but he was just sitting(hey-ho!) there when he took a machete to the face, and if that’s not horrible enough the force of the blow causes him to roll down the stairs, this is a shocking kill.

8. Officer Bracke, Friday the 13th (2009)

still-friday-the-13th-2009Finally! The partying kids call the cops after they discover they are being picked off one by one. Officer Bracke knocks on the door and tells the kids that he is an officer. As they go to open the door Jason appears behind the officer and jams a poker through his eyeball and the door, guess he should’ve called for back up.

7. Freddy Krueger, Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

fvjAn epic battle between two of horrors most notorious killers ends with Freddy’s severed arm being plunged through his back and bursting out of his chest. Yes Lori chopped off Krueger’s head but Jason all but killed him so it was an easy decap.

6. Rick, Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982)

rick3Jason squeezes Rick’s head so hard his eyeball literally pops out of his head. This is the reason 3d movies were made. The sound effects are equally awesome.

5. Adrienne, Jason X (2002)facesmashJason is frozen and awakes in the future. The doctor examining him has liquid nitrogen in a sink nearby so after Jason gets up he dunks her face in it then smashes it into the table.

4. Julius, Friday the 13th Part 8(1989)

Jason Takes Manhattan Boxer


Julius is a star athlete and he decides he can knock Jason out. He hammers away on Jason and the killer is stumbling. But Julius cannot finish Jason off. He taunts Jason to give him his best shot. Jason does, he punches his head right off.

3. Sheriff Garris, Friday the 13th Part 6(1986)

f136Sheriff Garris finds out about Jason too late. He arrives at Camp Forrest Green to rescue the campers. When he makes sure the children are safe he hides from Jason. But when Jason sets his sights on his daughter Garris springs into action. He manages to land a few blows, but Jason grabs him around the shoulders and bends him in half.

2. Trey, Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

freddy-vs-jason-bed-killDon’t be a douche. Trey treats his girlfriend like crap and forces her to take a shower after they have sex. While she is in the shower Jason stabs him repeatedly and then grabs the ends of the bed and folds it in half.

1. Judy, Friday the 13th Part 7 (1988)

f137If you are a fan of Friday the 13th, then you already knew this one was coming. Jason drags Judy out of her tent and swings her like a baseball bat and cracks her against a tree. It’s simple and brutal.

Bonus Kill! Mile High Horror 2012

kaneSmart ass podcast host finally is silenced by Jason himself, Kane Hodder!








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