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Reel Review: Delivery (2013) Telluride Horror Show

| October 21, 2013

Delivery_1st Official Image_1_9_2012“Not every child is a blessing”, never has more haunting words been said about a movie. Delivery is a terrifying found footage movie from the twisted minds of Director/Co-Writer Brian Netto and Co-Writer Adam Schindler. Not only does Delivery have scares to spare it also does something that is unusual for the horror genre nowadays, it lets itself breathe with the characters, and also with the horror.

Delivery takes a risk as soon as the movie starts. It tells you that the video diary you are watching is being filmed 6 months before Rachel (Laurel Vail) dies. You soon learn that Rachel along with her husband, Kyle (Danny Barclay) have been selected for a reality show that chronicles a couple through their first pregnancy, also called Delivery.  The movie then takes a big tonal shift and shows you the actual pilot of the reality show. This is where the film also becomes incredibly smart. It is literally a show that would not be out of place on TLC. It comes complete with happy music and silly graphics. Brian Netto shoots this like he has shot many reality shows adding to the films authenticity. I won’t spoil a surprise that happens in the “pilot” but it is shocking and terrifyingly real. Both actors here really shine, Laurel Vail has to be good because so much is happening to her and so much of the story rests on her performance that if her performance  isn’t great the film would sink with her. Thankfully she rocks and Danny Barclay is also very good as Kyle.

After the pilot the movie goes very dark. The film tells you that they pulled the remaining footage from over 200 hours of film. My biggest gripe with found footage movies is , if something bad is happening to you, drop the damn camera. What Delivery-MovierachelNetto and Schindler do to combat this is you are watching a reality show so all the horrible things that are happening are being filmed because the camera men are simply doing their jobs. The film does a fantastic job showing the deterioration of both Kyle and Rachel. This is conveyed not only through their actions but also in the actual show itself.

Delivery also succeeds because it tells the point of view of many of the people that were involved in the Massy’s pregnancy. There are interviews with them shot like a documentary, giving you insight to all characters. Mr. Netto told me in an interview(stay tuned that will be up soon on our site, and iTunes) that one of the reasons they decided to do that was they did not want  anyone to be  a villain. I loved Rob Cobuzio as the creator of the show Delivery, Rick, his performance  is amazing.

Delivery succeeds where so many found footage films fail. It’s uplifting, and scary from scene to scene. It will absolutely leave you breathless, the ending is so shocking and unsettling, it will give you nightmares. Here’s a true story from Telluride Horror Show. The movies last 20 minutes are relentless (no spoilers here folks, you have to see it) that a lady sitting next to me was clenching her fists, and when the last gut punch happens, she says out loud, “Oh. My. GOD!”. Yes, the ending will stick with you long after the credits role. If the film is playing near you, trust me check it out, it is one hell of a ride.





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