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Reel Gamers Review: LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes (PS3)

| December 15, 2013

legomarvLEGO: Marvel Super Heroes is the latest in Traveller’s Tales extremely popular LEGO franchise.  I have never played a LEGO game before this and  after playing this game I can’t wait to try another one. If you are a fan of Marvel comics you must play this game, it has over 100 characters and lots of hidden easter eggs sprinkled throughout you adventure.

Marvel Superheroes opens with a being heading towards Earth and eating everything in it’s way, of course if you a comic fan you know right away that this is Galactus, and if you need further proof the Silver Surfer soon zooms across the screen. They set their eyes on Earth and as the Surfer makes it to Earth he drops a cosmic block that the villains want very badly, so it’s up to the heroes to stop them.

The game is a blast to play as each hero/villain is unique. Traveller’s did a great job capturing each of the characters abilities and personalities. One cool touch is you are guided by none other then Agent Coulson, and Clark Gregg is back!




What really stood out to me was how cool the developers made the LEGO world. The world is completely destructible and you will want to destroy it, the more LEGO coins you collect will unlock gold blocks at the end of each level. Speaking of collecting gold blocks in every level, Stan Lee is trapped and it’s up to you to rescue him! Nothing makes me smile more then hearing Stan Lee say “Thanks, true believer!” These are just a sample of the diversions that you have in every level of the game, you still have the objective of stopping villains and saving the world. Each villain has a unique way of being defeated and some like Sandman are showstoppers.

The graphics are very well done, it is lots of fun seeing some of your favorite characters LEGO-ized. The big characters like Hulk, fit right in. The levels are painstakingly detailed with lots of paths and each have a unique look, whether you are in OScorp tower or on Asgard each world has been given some TLC.

The controls are tight for the most part, especially given the diversity of all the characters. The game is basically a brawler with some minor puzzles sprinkled throughout. And while the jumping and punching are well done the flying at times can be a little wonky. But the biggest gripe is that the same button that switches between heroes is the same button that unleashes some characters special abilities so sometimes you will find yourself switching a character when you wanted to use their special powers.

LEGO_Marvel_Super_Heroes_CastThe game will have you playing it for hours after you’ve beaten it. You must revisit levels and areas with characters that you’ve unlocked because not all of the areas are available to you during your first play through. Plus you want to make sure you save Stan Lee right? LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes is everything a Marvel fan could want, a fun story, lots of cool characters and a ton of unlockables. Bursting with charm and comic love LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes is a comic fans dream.

Graphics 4.5

The game looks really good and seeing your favorite heroes as LEGO’s is a blast

Controls 4.o

If it wasn’t for the decision to use the triangle button for two functions this would be higher

Sound 5.0

The voice acting is great and Traveller’s Tales did a great job capturing the sounds of the super heroes, the score is epic as well

Fun Factor 5.0

LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes is a blast to play and to continue playing after you beat it



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