Oh Awesome! Ryan’s Top 10 Episodes of South Park

| July 6, 2014

South_Parkcharac South Park is one of the funniest shows of all time. I have been on a South Park watching binge ever since I finished the amazing PS3 game South Park: The Stick of Truth. So after watching all of the episodes(yes I watched all 249 episodes) over the course of four months I have narrowed down my 10 favorite episodes. It was not easy and I am sure that not everyone will agree, but with a show this great I am sure that your choices will be great as well, share them in the comment section!

10. Die Hippie Die! Season 9 Episode 2 diehippie Hippies have overrun South Park. It’s up to Cartman to stop them. This episode is loaded with winks at action movies and uppity college kids. I love episodes where Cartman is out of control and the is only one who can save the day, and this one has that in spades, best scene is when the Mayor of South Park has no choice but to give into Cartman’s demands.

9. With Apologies To Jesse Jackson, Season 11 Episode 1 naggers South Park is at its best when it touches issues no one else will. This episode deals with the N-word to amazing comedic effect. Randy Marsh is one letter away from winning  and he blurts out what he believes is the answer to the puzzle, he is wrong and is forced to apologize to Jesse Jackson by kissing his ass, great stuff. Plus Cartman fights a midget, er I mean a little person.

8. All About Mormons Season 7 Episode 12 mormons Series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have a history of skewering the Mormons, in this episode South Park has a family of Mormons move in and teach the town and us all about their religion. The show also has a great message that even if you think what someone else believes that doesn’t make it any worse then your beliefs.

7. Imaginationland Trilogy Season 11, Episodes 10-12 buttersimagine Cheating a little bit this is a 3 episode thrill ride through Imaginationland where all the characters we have made live. They are under terrorist attack and it’s up to the South Park boys to save them. Of course there is also a bet that Kyle lost to Cartman where he must suck his balls. It is zany and hilarious with lots of  homages to movies we love and South Park characters we’ve met over the years. Stone and Parker are at the top of their game in these episodes.

6. The Death Of Eric Cartman Season 9, Episode 6

Cartman eats all of the skin of the KFC he was supposed to share with his friends. After a night of clogging the toilet Cartman believes he has died. Cartman believes that the reason he is still stuck on Earth is he needs to atone for his sins. He enlists Butters to help him, he decides he needs to make fruit baskets and give them to everyone he has hurt over the years. A catchy song and some great sight gags are the highlights of this episode

. 5. Cartman Sucks Season 11 Episode 2 CartmanSucks Cartman has a new fetish. He invites Butters over for sleepovers and while Butters is asleep he takes compromising pictures of him. He thinks he has the greatest one ever, his wiener in Butters’ mouth. When the boys inform him that by doing that it makes him gay, he realizes that he must but his wiener in Butters’ mouth to make them even. When Butters’ parents walk in on Cartman trying to put his junk in his mouth he is sent to a remove the gay camp. Best moment is when Eric has to convince his mom to call Kyle’s mom to get the picture of his wiener in Butters’ mouth back.

4. Christian Rock Hard Season 7 Episode 9 rockhard Another one of Cartmans crazy schemes where he bets Kyle that he can get a platinum album by making Christian rock album. He, Token and Butters form Faith+1, and to the surprise of Kyle Cartman does in fact sell one million copies of his album, but Christian album don’t go platinum they go myrrh, so Kyle wins the bet. The episode also features the other boys getting in trouble for illegally downloading songs over the internet.

3. Scott Tenorman Must Die Season 5 Episode 4 ScottTenormanMust Scott Tenorman sells Cartman his pubes for $10, and when Cartman realizes he was duped he goes to great lengths to get back at him. For me this was a huge turning point in the series and Cartman. His character takes a turn here for better, by being the worst human being ever. The boys learn to never mess with Eric Cartman.

2. Awesom-O Season 8 Episode 5 AwesomeO Cartman disguises himself as Awesom-O a robot built in Japan and tricks Butters into thinking he’s real. He gets stuck in the costume because he learns that Butters has a video of him dressed up like Brittany Spears kissing a picture of Justin Timberlake. They go on an adventure to California where Awesom-O is hired to come up with Adam Sandler movie ideas. I love this episode and it is almost the best Butters-Cartman episode…

1. Casa Bonita Season 7 Episode 11 south-park-casa-bonitaMy favorite episode features my two favorite characters going to a Denver “legend”, the restaurant Casa Bonita. Yes, the restaurant is exactly how it portrayed in the episode. Kyle invites Butters instead of Cartman to his birthday party at Casa Bonita, Cartman can’t believe he wasn’t invited and learns that if Butters can’t go then he can. So he tricks Butters into thinking it’s the end of the world and is able to go to Casa Bonita, oh Awesome!

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