The 20 Most Dynamic Spider-Man covers!

| August 2, 2014

This weekend I rewatched all the Spider-Man movies and was struck by the iconic images that Sam Raimi used in his films. It got me thinking of my favorite Spider-Man covers and thought I would share them with you, the loyal readers and listeners of Reel Nerds Podcast. As you will see Spider-Man has some truly amazing covers that will excite all comic book readers.

20.  Amazing Spider-Man #347, cover by Erik Larsen


I am not the biggest Venom fan, in fact I think he is one of the most overrated Spider-Man villains. There was a time when he was truly terrifying, highlighted by this effective cover by Erik Larsen. In the book Venom believes he kills Spider-Man and retires. Unfortunately it did not last long and he came back as a wussy anti-hero.

19. Web of Spider-Man #1, art by Charles Vess

web1The Web of Spider-Man promised to tell darker Spidey stories when it was launched, the issues were hit or miss but the first issue features a battle between Peter and the symbiote that concludes in a churches bell tower. Awesome fully painted cover is stunning.

18. Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 art by John Romita

Amazing Spider-Man Annual 21 miniPeter Parker and Mary Jane are married in this landmark issue. It also features two covers by John Romita.

17. Amazing Spider-Man #92, art by John Romita

amaz92Spider-Man is blamed for the death of Gwen Stacy’s father, and in this issue the X-Man Iceman attacks Spidey because he believes Spider-Man is dangerous. John Romita will pop up often in this list.

16. Amazing Spider-Man #142, art by John Romita

amaz142Mysterio is a under utilized villain. When used effectively he is truly scary, look he can remove his head!

15. Amazing Spider-Man #630, art by Carlos BachaloASM630This is a striking and powerful cover, in this issue The Lizard returns and does something truly horrible, he eats his own son!

14. Amazing Spider-Man vol.2 #43, art by John Romita, Jr.


John Romita Jr, really hit his stride in the late 90’s as Spider-Man’s premiere artist and he continued to build upon his impressive run in this issue that featured Doctor Octopus.

13. Web of Spider-Man #32, art by Mike Zeck


The most iconic cover from one of the most memorable Spider-Man stories, Kraven’s Last Hunt. After being buried alive by Kraven The Hunter, Spider-Man claws his way out of his own grave. Moody and scary, this is one of the best comic stories of all time.

12. Amazing Spider-Man #275, art by John Romita, Jr.

amaz275Awesome Hobgoblin story captured perfectly by this radical cover by John Romita, Jr.

11. Amazing Spider-Man #103, art by John Romita


The story is ho-hum but the cover is awesome. It has Spidey and Gwen Stacy(in a jungle girl bikini!) swinging away from the monstrous Gog! Plus it has Ka-Zar and a sabretooth tiger named Zabu, silly yes. Freaking amazing? Hell yes!

10. Amazing Spider-Man #685, art by Gabrielle Dell’Otto



The Chameleon has never been more frightening then in this stunning cover. The Ends of The Earth story was ok, the covers were unforgettable.

9. Amazing Spider-Man #33, art by Steve Ditko


A defining moment in Spider-Man legend is highlighted by this incredible cover by Steve Ditko. Spidey is being crushed by machinery and about to drown, almost giving up he realizes that the world and his Aunt May need him, he lifts the debris of of himself and with it our spirits.

8. Amazing Spider-Man #39, art by John Romita


John Romita defined the Spider-Man look on his first cover for the web slinger ever in this two part story that revealed the identity of The Green Goblin. What a cool cover.

7. The Spectacular Spider-Man vol. 1, #2, art by John Romita


A Green Goblin cover fully painted by the great John Romita, hell yes! This is an oversized original story by Stan Lee and John Romita that establishes the Goblin schizophrenia, great stuff.

6. Amazing Spider-Man #125, art by John Romita

amaz125Spider-Man is fighting a werewolf on top of a convertible trying to save a beautiful woman, do you need another reason why this cover is awesome?

5. Amazing Spider-Man #9, art by Steve Ditko

amaz9Early in his career Spidey was still learning to be a hero. In this landmark issue he fights Electro for the first time and gets his butt kicked. Ditko sells this with this dynamic cover.

4. Amazing Spider-Man #72, art by John Romita

amaz72The Shocker was at one time a formidable adversary for Spider-Man. This was his second appearance and this is one of John Romita’s coolest covers.

3. Amazing Spider-Man #122, art by John Romita

amaz122This is my favorite single issue of Spider-Man. It follows the shocking fallout of Gwen Stacy’s death(murder?) The cover perfectly captures the tense aftermath of her demise, and we all knew the Goblin had to die after this, right?

2. Amazing Spider-Man #50, art by John Romita

amaz50Perhaps the most iconic Spider-Man cover ever, Peter decides he has had enough of the pain of being Spider-Man, and gives up. Of course he changes his mind when he remembers “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

1. Spectacular Spider-Man #226, art by Sal Buscema


This is not a well known cover. It is though my most favorite. Sal Buscema is my favorite Spider-Man artist and in this simple yet striking cover he expertly crafts a preview of the story. The story is smack dab in the middle of the convoluted clone saga but it still is a great cover. The revelation is quickly reversed in Spider-Man #75, but to me this is the coolest Spider-Man cover of all time.

Agree? Disagree? Did I miss one you love? Hit me up in the comments and read those adventures of Peter Parker!




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